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Books for the Health and Care of Horses

Horse Owners Veterinary Handbook
Horse Owner's Veterinary Handbook

Equine Massage
Equine Massage: A Practical Guide (Howell Equestrian Library)

The Complete Equine Veterinary Manual
The Complete Equine Veterinary Manual

Hoof Problems
Hoof Problems: Hoof Construction, Trimming and Shoeing, Solutions for Common Issues and Ailments

Horse Owners Field Guide to Toxic Plants
Horse Owners Field Guide to Toxic Plants

Complete Horse Care Manual
Complete Horse Care Manual

Howell Equine Handbook of Tendon and Ligament Injuries
Howell Equine Handbook of Tendon and Ligament Injuries

The Horse Nutrition Bible
The Horse Nutrition Bible: The Comprehensive Guide to the Correct Feeding of Your Horse

Horse Hoof Care
Horse Hoof Care

Understanding Equine Medications
Understanding Equine Medications: Your Guide to Horse Health Care and Management (Horse Health Care Library)

USPC Guide to Bandaging Your Horse
The USPC Guide to Bandaging Your Horse (United States Pony Club Guides)

Ultimate Horse Care
Ultimate Horse Care: The Complete Veterinary Guide

What Your Horse Wants You to Know
What Your Horse Wants You to Know: What Horses' "Bad" Behavior Means, and How to Correct It

Lameness: Recognizing and Treating the Horse's Most Common Ailment

Horsemans Veterinary Encyclopedia
Horseman's Veterinary Encyclopedia, Revised and Updated

The Horse Breeds Poster Book The Horse Breeds Poster Book

Featuring 30 full-color photographs of proud horses at work, play, and competition, the equine fun never stops in this stunning poster collection.
Bob Langrish’s breathtaking images of adorable foals, majestic mares, and powerful stallions will bring delight to horse lovers and photography enthusiasts alike.

Educational as well as aesthetic, the back of each poster includes an information-packed panel detailing where each animal comes from, what it’s best at, and why equestrians find it so lovable.

Bob Langrish's work has appeared in more than 100 books, including the Dream Horses: A Poster Book, also designed by Elsebeth Christensen.
He lives in Bisley, in the heart of the Cotswolds, England.

Equine FitnessEquine Fitness:
A Program of Exercises and Routines for Your Horse

Get your horse in shape and maintain his overall fitness, regardless of his age or abilities.
Equine Fitness shows you how, with a simple conditioning program made up of fun exercise routines specifically designed to enhance your horse’s strength and agility.
Clear, step-by-step instructions and detailed illustrations make the exercises easy to follow.
The book includes a handy set of pocket-sized cards that you can tear out and use while on horseback or in the ring.

Where Does My Horse HurtWhere Does My Horse Hurt?:
A Hands-On Guide to Evaluating Pain and Dysfunction Using Chiropractic Methods

Providing a complete body evaluation with step-by-step color photographs and diagrams to direct the way, this guide familiarizes owners with their horses’ bodies and teaches them how to become sensitive to any discomfort their horses may have.
Once the evaluation has been completed, valuable guidance on the course of treatment needed and how to find the appropriate professional to do it is provided.
It educates savvy horse owners, helping to keep their horses pain free, saving them money on veterinary bills, and leading to better overall performance.

MicroCurrent for HorsesMicroCurrent for Horses
(and other vital therapies you should know)

MicroCurrent for Horses (and other vital therapies you should know) is reference book for professionals and horse owners interested in microcurrent therapy. It explores the past and present methods of this amazing therapy as well as many other complimentary therapies. With the addition of the many other therapies you can dramatically improve your results. This book is a real how-to book that reveals what many have paid thousands to learn in courses. The users of this knowledge will be empowered to tackle horse lameness issues with confidence. The reader will learn how to be more proactive in the care of their horses, saving money and down time. Expensive treatments such as shock-wave, joint injections, and surgery may not be the only option. Everyday new users discover how helpful these methods are for tendon, ligaments, hoof problems, body soreness and much more. There are simply too many barns with unsound horses that need not be. Examples of other animals including dogs, cats, and goats benefit from these therapies as well.

Veterinary Acupuncture: Ancient Art to Modern MedicineVeterinary Acupuncture: Ancient Art to Modern Medicine
by Allen M. Schoen

This revision reflects major updating, expansion of hot topics, and coverage of trends, current areas of research interest, and controversies in veterinary acupuncture.
The book begins with the history and concepts of acupuncture and continues with the anatomic and neurophysiologic basis of acupuncture, research on acupuncture, practical techniques, instrumentation, and point selection. Part two covers acupuncture in small animals, including a canine atlas, avian acupuncture, and chapters that focus on disorders grouped by body systems. Part three is devoted to acupuncture in large animals. It begins with three different equine atlases, followed by equine acupuncture treatment according to body system, and concludes with acupuncture in cattle and a porcine acupuncture atlas. Part four covers failures in veterinary acupuncture and veterinary manipulative therapies.

Veterinary AcupunctureVeterinary Acupuncture
by Alan M. Klide,
Shiu H. Kung Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

Drawing on medical and scientific literature in diverse languages, Veterinary Acupuncture presents a world of information on this traditional form of Chinese medicine.
For veterinarians to examine the theory and practice of acupuncture.
For livestock owners and trainers to acquaint themselves with the evidence they need to understand and appreciate the benefits it may offer their animals.
For scientists to use as a source of information for the study of pain and acupuncture.

Equine Acupressure: A Working ManualEquine Acupressure: A Working Manual
by Nancy A. Zidonis

If you have ever wished for health care or medical treatment for you or your animals that is free, sage and simple to use, available night and day, and whereever you are, be assured that it exists, and it is right at your fingertips. It is called Acupressure. "Equine Acupressure, A Working Manual" provides a thorough overview of the origins of acupressure (TCM), explains its effectiveness and describes its benefits.
The meridian system is picturedand described in detail, including each meridian's function, how it relates to the internal organs and other parts of the body, and the indicators for treatment.
This book teaches the reader how to perform acupressure treatments, what to do before, during and after, and when not to perform acupressure. It stresses that attunement to the horese and allowing him to be the guide throughout the treatment is of utmost importance. This book teaches how to observe the horse and what to expect.

Understanding Equine AcupunctureUnderstanding Equine Acupuncture : Your Guide to Horse Health Care and Management (Horse Health Care Library)
by Rhonda Rathgeber
Publisher: Eclipse Press

Examines the history of an ancient Eastern medical technique and its application to horses. Understanding Equine Acupuncture examines the history of an ancient Eastern medical technique, its principles, and application to horses.
Acupuncture is becoming a widely accepted alternative therapy for both humans and equines, and in horses, it is being used to treat a number of conditions from lameness to infertility.
Many veterinarians incorporate acupuncture into traditional treatment programs.

Equine Landmark Anatomy & Acupoint EnergeticsEquine Landmark Anatomy & Acupoint Energetics

Equine Landmark Anatomy & Acupoint Energetics breaks new ground in the filed of Equine Acupressure and Acupuncture. This DVD provides an exceptional tool for both the professional and the student.
This DVD: - Identifies significant equine anatomical landmarks - Discusses & demonstrates the flowof the 12 major meridians, governing & conception vessel - Describes functions & energetics, and shows the locations of all the aupoints in the basic acupoint classifications.

Equine Acupressure A Working ManualEquine Acupressure: A Working Manual

This user-friendly guide to acupressure is filled with easy to follow photographs, charts and illustrations. The acupressure meridian system, acupoints and treatment plans are explained in detail along with complete charts showing the location of the points.
Acupresure is a safe, noninvasive and powerful way to participate in your horse's optimal health. This book inlcudes the basics of equine acupressure, plus 15 specific treatments for common equine physical and training conditions.

The Merck Veterinary Manual The Merck Veterinary Manual

This new edition of the veterinary classic has been completely revised and redesigned.
A two-column format and use of color throughout make the text and tables easy to read, and for the very first time, color images have been included to enhance and illustrate the text.
In addition to extensive revisions and updates, this edition includes expanded coverage of exotics, new material on zoonoses, and up-to-date chapters on new and emerging topics in veterinary medicine.

Xie's Chinese Veterinary HerbologyXie's Chinese Veterinary Herbology
~ Huisheng Xie

Xie's Chinese Veterinary Herbology serves as a practical guide to the theory and application of Chinese Herbal Medicine into veterinary practices. Divided into three parts, the book covers herbal materia medica used in treating various disorders and diseases, herbal formulas, and the clinical application of treatments. The book also outlines each herb's history, the formulation of herbal recipes, energetic actions, indications and contraindications of each formula, dosages, and clinical and pharmacological studies performed with herbal treatments. This text serves as an invaluable reference to veterinarians looking to expand treatment options.
From the Back Cover
Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM) has been practiced for more than 4,000 years, and along with acupuncture is an important component of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine. Veterinarians are increasingly using these treatment methods in a clinical setting, Chinese Veterinary Herbology will serve as a clear, practical guide to the theory and application of CHM into established veterinary practices.

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